Open Them Up

There’s a type of person-

I’m sure you know them;


0r 2-

0r 3-

0r 4-

Who speak not, want not and need not:

Like a book on dusty shelf they lie

With closed hearts and minds

Fingers wrapped around each other

Lips pursed or limply lying;

shoulder stooped and round

or razor-back straight.

With closed pages,

broken binding,

and dusty fading words

they sit

in anticipation




For they have a voice, heart, and mind;

they speak, want and need.

They feel and see and know.


pry open their hearts

like that dusty old tome

and read-



for they are hiding in their depths

adventures and secrets alike;

Things that you have never seen or heard before.

Open them up

and stop the door.



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