Mourning Announcements

This is an announcement

For those dead or weak at heart

Let’s list those who we’ve lost

And grandpa’s at the start;

He’s partying underneath the ground

That wiley old fart.

He’s got grandma’s skirt above his head

(and we don’t know whose she’s wearing now)

you thought they were rotting, all the dead?

You’d thought they’d given their final bow?

Well, Uncle Henry’s far from gone;

His card tricks are as sly as ever.

And Aunt Anita looks a fawn,

but her mind remains so clever.

Cousin Joanie was such a witch

Our pet frogs never liked her.

But now she’s been much less a twitch

Takes but a word for her to purr.

She dances round with Nephew Jimmy

who drinks like an Irish fool

And on the left is his twin Timmy

Clapping in time on his favorite bar stool.

You never would’ve thought

They’d all be so much fun.

Guess you should’ve found out

While they were still beneath the sun.

I can see you wondering about

Many others you lost before

But I’ll point you the way

of David from next door.

He’s no longer shy

But loud and boisterous

Oh what a guy;

He’ll tell a joke for most of us.

See now you know,

That when we go;

We’re not just rotting down;

We sing and dance,

A second chance,

There’s fondness all around!



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