The Color of Anger (Part 1)

Dark heart beat
Bright eyes
Heavy breaths


Monsters inside us
Unleashing heaven’s fury

Coloring our souls in Lucifer’s name
Before he has fallen

The color of anger
Undesired and rebellious
Rising up against our minds

You know this color
No denial

We live in fear of our demons
This anger is frightening
This color is threatening

The color of anger

Over flowing

We struggle to the tops of these waters.
Do not drown! Do not fall to this temptation,
As we are pure

Beneath our no control
We are heaven
As it is

The color of anger



On a Misty Moor

"The Cliffside"


In the shadow o’ the moors

There’s a mystic wind

blowin’ round.

Shapin’ colors, shiftin’ wings

Bringin ’round all sorts o’ mysterious tings.

But somehwere

In the shadow o’ the snow

There’s rain.

The rain is shiftin’ too,

Beatin’ barrels cross your bow

Sendin’ birds and bugs a’driftin’

But through the trees it’s just a’siftin’.

And somewhere

In the shadow o’ the rain

there’s sun.

Spillin’ cross our soft moors

Feedin’ the plants

All the roses in a row

All the animals; an’ us.

Just watchin’ us a’grow.