My Friend Andi



I’ve got to let you know

I think I let you in

I think I’ll introduce-

The wonderful,






That’s my friend Andi.

Strongest boy I know.

And if he had a vagina, well,

we’d have a serious Womance

Noun: ‘Describing a strong and vibrant friendship between two straight women.’



That’s us.

Me and Andi.


Different but completely the same

Through thick and thin

Through fear and blame

We’ve held each other;

Soothed fears and healed hearts


He still leaps

He still takes a giant step


Everytime someone pulls out his legs from underneath him






And if you have a question about Andi

Well I’m sure you could ask him;

But it’s be better to ask me.



That’s me and Andi.

Andi and I.

My bro.

My bud.

My could-be womance.

My friend Andi.


Three cheers for the boy!



That Guy Over There

That guy

Over there

Silly boy asks for poems

And so I write-

You won’t expect-


That guy

Over there

In the corner

On the street

On the couch

On the bed


Don’t know him

But I will try


Can’t understand everything

But I will try


He is mine; I am his

Pure truth in statements

Some searing path in a sigh-








Search and learn and maybe let go

I will hold on with the tips of my fingers

Near or far

Far or near

Here you are


In the corner

On the street

On the couch

On the bed

In my heart

Nestled deep


He is mine

You are mine

Are is will be-




The Color of Anger (Part 2)

It bursts through

Like an alien in my brain

You keep speaking

Keep on talking;

But my fists are curled

and my fingers digging into my palms

and I feel like I am ready to blow.

Back away now, please,

for the color of anger is filling the room,

like a pervasive gas

feeling all red and broken

feeling like glass tearing at our skins

do you know the color of anger?

How it brings pain to all those around it?

To all those who feel it?

Have you cornered anger,

the color,

the texture,

 the feel,

 in the corner of your dark mind.


is not as dark

as yours.

Oh no.

But you hide it well.

Your skin is the color of anger.


The Color of Anger (Part 1)

Dark heart beat
Bright eyes
Heavy breaths


Monsters inside us
Unleashing heaven’s fury

Coloring our souls in Lucifer’s name
Before he has fallen

The color of anger
Undesired and rebellious
Rising up against our minds

You know this color
No denial

We live in fear of our demons
This anger is frightening
This color is threatening

The color of anger

Over flowing

We struggle to the tops of these waters.
Do not drown! Do not fall to this temptation,
As we are pure

Beneath our no control
We are heaven
As it is

The color of anger