Welcome Home

He has

Curly Jewish leg hair

Not like his

Straight dark hair

thin calves

but strong.

Curved buttocks

Thick, up to his smallish back


and smooth.

Olive skin

long nose

dark hair

dark eyes and lashes

so long

so thick

luxurious and luscious and lusty.

Your middle name shall be lust

and I’ll read the spaces between your letters

and tear you with my passion.

Rise for me

as the waves rise to the moon

I’ll be your lady of the night.

My pale round curves thrust up against your dark 

straight lines

as the curved, waning moon does press against

Her nightly lover;

the rich, foreign sky.


You are my man

be my lover

and let us proclaim our love

as the moon and night do:

With shameless abandon.


Reveal to me your passion,

man with the olive skin. 


On a Misty Moor

"The Cliffside"


In the shadow o’ the moors

There’s a mystic wind

blowin’ round.

Shapin’ colors, shiftin’ wings

Bringin ’round all sorts o’ mysterious tings.

But somehwere

In the shadow o’ the snow

There’s rain.

The rain is shiftin’ too,

Beatin’ barrels cross your bow

Sendin’ birds and bugs a’driftin’

But through the trees it’s just a’siftin’.

And somewhere

In the shadow o’ the rain

there’s sun.

Spillin’ cross our soft moors

Feedin’ the plants

All the roses in a row

All the animals; an’ us.

Just watchin’ us a’grow.